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Can I ask questions? Of course! This mini-course contains built-in opportunities to interact and ask questions.


What if I've never done transcription before? We recommend enrolling in our basic mini-course, Transcription Foundations, first -- that way you can learn the basics about general transcription. You'll have an opportunity to enroll in this mini-course at the end of Transcription Foundations.

Is this a free trial? No. This free mini-course is not training, nor is it a sneak peek into our full course content. It's an overview of the industry along with foundational information to help you in your decision on whether or not to pursue it for yourself. This mini-course will not prepare you to work as a legal transcriptionist.

How many lessons are there? Four lessons over four days. 

How are the lessons delivered? All of the lessons are delivered via email.

Do I have to do the full training at the end? Of course not! No one will force you to enroll in the full training.



What is legal transcription?

What's the demand for legal transcription, and who actually uses legal transcriptionists?

What does it take to become an LT. How much can you earn as a legal transcriptionist?