If You’re A Transcriptionist Looking To Attract Higher Paying Clients For Your Business OR You’re Looking To Become A Copywriter, Then Read Every Word Below…

Transcribe Anywhere has teamed up with a Billion-Dollar Copywriting mentor who is not only revealing his advertising secrets from a 20+ year career as a copywriter, but is showing you how to either add this skill to your existing business or start a new career as a copywriter.

If you’re looking at adding an additional $500 - 2,500 (per client) to your bottom line or more, then keep reading.

You’re in the best hands in the business.

Adil decided to write the following to you… .

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Why Take This Course?

Copywriting is one of those skills that universally works in every situation.

If you’re a transcriptionist who’s making good money right now and you want to supplement (or even replace) your income - copywriting is a great skill to have.

Essentially, no matter what you’re doing in life, if you possess the ability to write, persuade, and sell through the written word (copywriting), then you have the ability to write your own check.

And this skill is universal.

Imagine you’re writing an email to a potential client, a friend, or even a company you’re disputing something with…

You can let your email sound like every other email, or you could use your skills as a copywriter to communicate exactly what you want in the most effective way possible.

I’ve personally used my copywriting skills to open doors to work with giants I’d never have imagined working with.

My students have done the same and you’ll hear from them shortly.

"Adil's method is so authentic and makes it easier to write great copy when you couple that with his impressive track record. His fees should be at least what other top marketers charge. Once you quickly learn them, you'll be able to write compelling copy from now on. So the value is so much greater than the price, I had to beat Adil up a bit as kindly as possible."

Bob Serling

Who Should Take This Course?

A transcriptionist looking to add more income to their bottom line.

Whether you decide to stay a transcriptionist with a copywriters skill or you become a full time copywriter, the skills you pick up in this course will last you a lifetime and beyond - as long as you practice them.

I created the course and training to help transcriptionists like you, go from someone who has no to very little experience in writing advertising to someone who is capable of writing good advertising copy in an incredibly short space of time.

If you’re interested in being able to truthfully add an extra 4-5 figures PER QUARTER to your bottom line, then this will be the course for you.

It’s created to be short as most of the “skills” will be developed through just practicing.

This isn’t brain surgery. 

You might be able to figure it all out on your own. Eventually

Or you can take advantage of the 20+ years I’ve already invested in hard work, and working alongside and with some of the greatest minds in advertising. 

Not only having jaw-dropping successes but repeating them for my students.

I’ve made some bone-headed mistakes, but would you rather learn from my mistakes or repeat them all yourself?

I’d rather you avoid making the mistakes I did and get the best underground course on copywriting on the market today.

Adil is the best sales copywriter I know. I've used Adil's copy in my sales pages and funnels to increase sales of my evergreen product.

I've also worked with him as a mentor to students in my courses, and they've all been blown away by his unique and innate ability to understand what they're trying to say and put it into words that actually make sense.

Adil is a master at his craft, and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a truly skilled copywriter who knows how to get results.

Jenna Faith, Meant for Millions

What's Included?

With The Copywriter’s Framework™, you’ll receive access to:

  • 17 video modules (the longest being 13 minutes) that are designed to walk you through my exact copywriting process that is responsible for my success as a copywriter. 
  • Downloadable slides of the training + a downloadable homework guide to help you write your first sales letter… Making the entire process fun and easy while giving you a finished letter for your portfolio
  • 3 HUGE bonuses (Listed below)

But if you decide to get The Copywriter’s Framework™+ program today, you’ll also receive access to:

  • Client-Getting Made Simple: A guide to start finding your first copywriting clients, structuring your offer correctly, and how to begin messaging them without being cheesy.
  • Getting better - an advanced program: This is an extension of the Framework, it serves as a way to improve your skills as a copywriter, refining your work through deeper psychological principles, and so much more.
  • The Next Steps: How to charge a fair rate for your work, Sales made easy, and so much more…You can use the same strategies to build your transcription services to the next level.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a real course with real content and real expectations, and in order to make real money, you have to do real work. 

Please don't enroll expecting anyone else but you to do the work. 

Please don't enroll because you think you can get rich - it’s a possibility for sure but we are not promising you the moon here; we are promising you solid education and excellent support. Please don't enroll if you're not ready to commit. See our refund policy.

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New! Options for All Stages

We proudly offer course options for people at all stages. Students can upgrade between our three packages simply by paying the difference between the packages.

Single Course

The Copywriter's

A truly all-inclusive online education system for copywriting.


✔  The Copywriter's Framework™ - View Course Here (Download the Course Syllabus)  








Or 4 payments of $500

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Course Combo B

General Transcription & Copywriting

A truly all-inclusive online education system for general transcription and copywriting.


✔  General Transcription: Theory & Practice™ - View Course Here (Download the Course Syllabus)

✔  The Copywriter's Framework™ - View Course Here (Download the Course Syllabus)  




$1994 $1697
Savings of $297!

Or 4 payments of $435

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Course Combo C

Legal Transcription & Copywriting

A truly all-inclusive online education system for legal transcription and copywriting.


✔  Legal Transcription: Theory & Practice™ - View Course Here (Download the Course Syllabus) 

✔  The Copywriter's Framework™ - View Course Here (Download the Course Syllabus)  




$2094 $1697
Savings of $397!

Or 4 payments of $435

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All 3 Courses

General & Legal Transcription and The Copywriter's Framework

 A truly all-inclusive online education system for general transcription.


✔  General Transcription: Theory & Practice™ - View Course Here (Download the Course Syllabus)

✔  Legal Transcription: Theory & Practice™ - View Course Here (Download the Course Syllabus)

✔  The Copywriter's Framework™ - View Course Here (Download the Course Syllabus) 

$3091 $2500
Savings of $591!

Or 4 payments of $635

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"Even though I had done some transcription in the past, without your course, I’m sure I would have fuddled around, not knowing all the latest techniques and shortcuts that help make a profitable business. I’d have not known about time coding or the difference between “strict verbatim” or “standard verbatim” transcription. And without the help, guidance, and tips from the course, I’d have probably gotten frustrated and given up if trying to start a transcription business on my own."

Diana F. - Seminole, FL

Your search for the perfect transcription resource stops now!

Save yourself hours of time and frustration by enrolling in the most complete multimedia online course for legal transcription, Legal Transcription: Theory & Practice™.

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Lifetime access, updates, and support ARE included. How's that for fine print? :-)


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