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Diana F., Seminole, FL

Thank you, Janet, for creating your wonderful transcription course. I retired a couple years ago and recently decided that I needed to do some part-time work to help pay those darn bills! However, as a caregiver, and also someone who didn’t want to have to get dressed up again for a job, I decided it would be wonderful if I could work from home.

So, I began exploring various ideas and opportunities. I happened to see your course being praised on another website, so I thought I’d check it out. Your free introduction gave me enough information to decide that I definitely wanted to sign up. So, I plunged right in! I had done a little transcription several years ago using the old style microcassette machines, and I was surprised to find out that now it can be done easily online, and that I can have an up-and-running business in a short period of time that pays well, and with very little investment -- except for maybe a foot pedal and earphones.

Even though I had done some transcription in the past, without your course, I’m sure I would have fuddled around, not knowing all the latest techniques and shortcuts that help make a profitable business. I’d have not known about time coding or the difference between “strict verbatim” or “standard verbatim” transcription. And without the help, guidance, and tips from the course, I’d have probably gotten frustrated and given up if trying to start a transcription business on my own.

Your course is not only great for anyone who has previous transcription experience, but also for someone who has never done transcription. If a person can type well and has a decent command of the English language and grammar, this course should give them what they need to get started with a profitable business in a fairly short period of time. And the fact that you are so accessible to answer any questions is a real bonus!


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Elizabeth M.

I am a homeschooling mom to six cute kiddos and wife to a wonderful husband. I found this transcription course when looking for a way to supplement my husband's income. I was excited to find something I could do that would use some of the skills I've improved upon while teaching my children. The course was an easy read and provided me with exactly what I needed to break into the transcription business. I am immensely grateful for the 60 + sample files that gave me the opportunity to learn from my mistakes. I would not have wanted to make the same mistakes on paid work. The knowledge and experience I'm gaining from transcription is helping me to better teach my kiddos as well!


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Laura P., Seattle, WA

I purchased this general transcription training course recently to help me get started in a new career and I couldn't be happier with my decision. This is an *extremely* comprehensive course. There's NOTHING out there like this (believe me, I looked) and it has ALL you need to get started! I highly recommend this course!


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Fleurdamae, Chicago, IL

If you are looking to get into transcription, this is a great course to buy. It gives you a true look at the business and what you are getting into! I bought and completed the original course in Jan 2010 and by May 2010, I was hired by several companies, and have as much work as I could ever want. In my opinion, this is worth every penny.


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Terry S., Pace, FL

I have purchased a General Transcription training course written by Janet Shaughnessy, finding this to be one of the best programs I could have ever put my money towards. I have checked out and paid for several other work-at-home programs that never worked for me other than taking my money. I have recently purchased this course and find it to be exactly what I have been looking for in advancing myself in a career. If you are looking for a work-at-home program that has an easy walk-through description and helps provide all information in beginning your own business, this is for you. Working from home has been one of my passions and could be yours also. If you are a college student, or stay-at-home mom, or just tired of the rat race of going out working in the workforce, this program can work for you. I am very pleased with this product and hope that you will not waste time investing in programs that don't work, like I have in the past. Seriously, this program is for anyone that wants to make serious cash whether it is part time or full time. This program is well worth the money. Thank you, Janet, for leading me into the right direction for my career and success.


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Shonta M.

I purchased the transcription training when it was on DVD. I loved the mini course! It maps out everything that you need to know as a general transcriptionist.


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Deb K.

I am excited to get going on the course. You're an awfully nice lady, so caring...I plan to post a very positive review of the course for a consumer website that I write for. I'll email you with a link to it when I do.


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Dawn M.

I purchased the course and…HOLY COW! This program is every bit as comprehensive as most programs out there costing in the $2,000 range! Your General Transcription course is well worth $1,200. Had I spent that much on it, I'd not have felt ripped off.


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I highly recommend General Transcription: Theory and Practice! I had never transcribed anything before taking the course; however, I found the course to be a simple, quick process while giving a thorough understanding of general transcription. Janet was great throughout the whole process and was available to answer all of my questions. Less than one month after completing the course, I had already been hired for my first job!
Thanks again!


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As a prior police officer and criminal investigator, I loved the field of law but felt that I couldn’t continue being a police officer with my growing family. So I was looking to create a business that I could do from home, while I raised and homeschooled my two young children, that would still keep me connected to the field of law. My research led me to Janet and her Legal Transcription course at Transcribe Anywhere. I was amazed at all of the information and templates that Janet includes with this course! She didn’t leave any stone unturned! This course is well worth the cost. Janet is a top-notch instructor and one that I would call a friend! She answers all questions or concerns in a timely manner. She wants you to succeed! She even assisted me with finding my first client!

[email protected]


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Dianne C.

The course is very thorough and includes enough practice transcriptions that it truly prepared me to enter the field of general transcription. I am so glad that I signed up for this Transcribe Anywhere course! I landed my first gig within two weeks of completing the course!

Thanks again for everything.  You have been a fantastic instructor/mentor.  I can't believe how fast you respond to emails and Facebook posts when I know you are always busy. I will continue to read and participate in the Facebook group.  That is a valuable tool for not only students, but graduates as well.


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Tracy R.

My husband was recently transferred to another state for work and I cannot join him until my son graduates from high school. This created a financial burden for us as we were going to have a house payment and a rent payment in another state. I needed to generate some income for us quickly but I didn't want to work outside the home. I began the legal transcription course in April. There were definitely times when I thought I wouldn't be able to complete the course because it is not easy. However, I knew I needed to do this for my family and I persevered, passing my final exam at the end of July. I began searching for work soon after, and within two weeks was hired on doing government work. Staying the course and completing what I started has allowed me to generate an additional $1600 per month for my family. If you are looking for a reputable course, this is it! Without this course, I would never have been able to work from home and generate this kind of income.


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Angela S.

Thanks to you and Transcribe Anywhere, I’m now on my way in the legal transcription world with two new clients, and I have even picked up a couple of general transcription clients on a p.r.n. basis, as well.


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Krista K.

I took kind of a backward journey to Janet's course! I started work doing legal transcription several months ago. I took the Transcribe Anywhere course "Legal Transcription: Theory and Practice" as a way to increase my skill set. The course was great! I discovered what I didn't know, which not only helps me with my current work but also with obtaining my CET certification, which I want to do in the next few months.

If anyone is wondering about legal transcription work in general, I can tell you I love it. The work is so interesting to me, and the ability to work from home is wonderful. I have a fairly active family, and I love being able to switch my hours around and work early, late, or weekends if I need to.


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Kari F.

On a personal note, I have to say I searched around at great length online over the course of several months trying to find a program like yours. I was so skeptical of the programs out there! Also, I wasn’t sure I would learn that much since I had reported for 10+ years. Maybe I was a little too cocky, thinking I may already know what I needed to know?? Bahahaha! Boy, was I wrong! Your course is incredibly thorough and I truly learned sooooo much. You clearly have put a ton of time and effort into your course. And you also made it enjoyable by including court cases that include Kato Kaelin and Justin Bieber!


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Kathy W.

I just wanted to update you on my first GT job. All is going very well, and I have been highly praised for my professionalism and abilities. In fact, my client has requested additional work, wanting me to outline each lesson in addition to transcribing and summarizing them. We worked out a reasonable rate for that addition. There are a total of 19 lessons of about 42 minutes each. That should keep me busy for a while!

Several people have expressed interest in my services, so I am hopeful for more work in the Lord's kingdom!

Thank you so very much for the excellent training, correction, encouragement, and prayers!


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I just wanted to say thank you for being willing to go back and forth with me today till I got it right. When I started looking at courses to take for transcription, yours definitely is on a different level than the rest. You have done a very good job making sure that your students get everything they need to do this correctly and succeed. Got 100% on all my quizzes so far. I'm working my way through and I just wanted to thank you again.


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Simply love it and looking forward to a career that will keep me very busy and on my toes. Exactly what I was looking for. I love your course; it is interesting and you are making it interesting. Thank you!


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These lessons have been very useful! I am eager to learn more and take the next steps to becoming a full-fledged transcriptionist. I am so happy that I found you and your website. Thank you for all you do!




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