Do you want the ability to work from home as a transcriptionist? Are you tired of cheap, vague training materials that may teach you the skill but don’t truly prepare you for building a business? Would you prefer to have help from supportive, experienced transcriptionists around the clock instead of going it alone? If you’re serious about learning a skill that will allow you to work when and where you want and set your own rates, then General Transcription: Theory & Practice™ will get you there — we’ll support you every step of the way.

  • Transcription equipment and where to get the best deal
  • Software and hardware — links + FREE downloads
  • Text expanders and shortcut keys
  • Transcription style guide
  • Time coding instruction
  • Establishing and calculating rates
  • Easy-to-use transcription templates
  • Step-by-step guide to finding work
  • Sample client contracts
  • TONS OF PRACTICE! Seven practice levels containing 60+ audio/video files with answer keys
  • Lifetime access to course material and ALL future updates
  • Lifetime access to our student support community inside our members area


Thousands of businesses nationwide require accurate legal records, so they hire transcriptionists to accurately type and edit their records. Employers place a lot of value on transcriptionists with a solid understanding of legal terminology, excellent grammar skills, and fast typing abilities. As this new field of legal transcription continues to grow in popularity, the demand for legal transcriptionists will continue to grow as well. Legal Transcription: Theory and Practice™ is designed to help meet that demand.

  • 14 full-length training modules
  • Where to get the best deal on transcription equipment (don't buy it before you start!!)
  • Typing drills for speed and accuracy
  • How to use text expanders and shortcut keys (includes printable cheatsheets)
  • Legal transcription style guide plus downloadable templates of legal forms and documents
  • Over 100 pages of legal terminology (both English and Latin in a downloadable format)
  • Screencast tutorial videos on transcription software, features of Microsoft Word, and more
  • Abbreviations, capitalization, and punctuation for the legal transcriptionist
  • Definitions and descriptions of types of law and the legal process
  • How to find work as an employee
  • How to find higher-paying work as an independent contractor
  • Get your hands dirty with TEN LEVELS of practice dictations (and answer keys for each)
  • Lifetime access to all course material and future updates
  • Lifetime access to our student support forum inside our members area
  • Our "100% thorough" guarantee. We're confident you'll have everything you need to succeed. However, if you feel there's anything missing from the course -- even the tiniest detail -- just let us know and we'll add it in so you'll have it as part of your lifetime access.


Transcribe Anywhere is pleased to partner with The Court Reporting Academy to provide the prerequisite skills needed to succeed in the legal and general transcription industry. The Digital Scopist course will quickly train skilled transcribers to efficiently edit and proof AI-produced rough-draft legal transcripts into final or near-final-ready legal transcripts. The course is designed for experienced legal transcribers and scopists who want to expand their knowledge and skills in order to utilize the latest technology to produce legal transcripts faster and more efficiently. 



If you’re a transcriptionist looking to attract higher paying clients for your business OR you’re looking to become a copywriter… Transcribe Anywhere has teamed up with a Billion-Dollar Copywriting mentor who is not only revealing his advertising secrets from a 20+ year career as a copywriter, but is showing you how to either add this skill to your existing business or start a new career as a copywriter. If you’re looking at adding an additional $500 - 2,500 (per client) to your bottom line or more, then checkout The Copywriter's Framework™.

  • Access 17 videos designed to help you understand each fundamental segment of a million-dollar sales letter. (Including supplementary pdfs, and homework to get you started on your own sales letter) 
  • Add the power of copywriting to your own transcription business to bring in more clients and marketing yourself better OR to bring on clients to add an extra $500-2500 per quarter to your bottom line with only 1-2 clients. 
  • Create powerful marketing promotions by understanding the deeper psychology of how people think and which words attract (and repel) people to your message
  • Bonus #1: Office Hours With Adil - Have questions? Wondering what to do next? Adil’s Office Hours is open to all levels, email him and he’ll reply on a Monday or Thursday to your email. (Priceless)
  • Bonus #2: An example sales letter - Adil breaks down his own sales letter to show you where every segment of his framework goes AND gives you a live look into his process and why he does what he does. Small changes have led to HUGE results. ($12,000 value)
  • Bonus #3: My storytelling matrix expanded
  • Client-Getting Made Simple: A guide to start finding your first copywriting clients and how to begin messaging them without being cheesy.
  • Getting better - an advanced program: This is an extension of the Framework, it serves as a way to improve your skills as a copywriter, refining your work through deeper psychological principles.
  • The Next Steps: How to charge a fair rate for your work so you’re not getting ripped off.
  • Structuring the offer correctly - this is something that will allow you to present your services or clients products/services in such a powerful way that it’ll trigger the buying process
  • Selling made easy - how to offer your copywriting services (or transcriptionist services) without being pushy, sales-y, or icky - my complete, authentically you method of selling that works with you.


"I purchased this general transcription training course recently to help me get started in a new career and I couldn't be happier with my decision. This is an *extremely* comprehensive course. There's NOTHING out there like this (believe me, I looked) and it has ALL you need to get started! I highly recommend this course!"

Laura P.
Seattle, WA

"If you are looking to get into transcription, this is a great course to buy. It gives you a true look at the business and what you are getting into! I bought and completed the original course in Jan 2010 and by May 2010, I was hired by several companies, and have as much work as I could ever want. In my opinion, this is worth every penny."

Chicago, IL




What separates a ho-hum transcriptionist from an excellent one? Is there even a demand for transcription? Who hires transcriptionists? 
 Can anyone be a transcriptionist? 

Get the answers to all these questions and more by enrolling in my free introductory course, Transcription Foundations.

For our legal transcription mini-course, click here.