Transcription Foundations: Free 7-Lesson Mini-Course with Janet Shaughnessy

Here's what you'll learn:

Lesson 1: Learn about Janet (your instructor), plus exactly what transcription is and why it’s an invaluable skill in today’s digital world.

Lesson 2: Learn who uses transcriptionists, what it takes to become one, and the two keys to success as a transcriptionist.

Lesson 3: We’re busting the biggest myth out there about transcription.

Lesson 4: Learn 10 signs you’re not a good fit for transcription 

Lesson 5: How much can you earn as a transcriptionist? It’s not going to make you rich, but you can earn great money if you take the time to learn and develop your skills. This lesson details what affects your earnings as a transcriptionist.

Lesson 6: Where does transcription work come from?

Lesson 7:  What do you need to get started? We include a recommended list of equipment and an invitation to hop on board with TA as a student.

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What separates a ho-hum transcriptionist from an excellent one? Is there even a demand for transcription? Who hires transcriptionists? 
 Can anyone be a transcriptionist? 

Get the answers to all these questions and more by enrolling in my free introductory course, Transcription Foundations.