10 Business Owners Who Hire Transcriptionists

people who use transcriptionists Jun 26, 2023

If you're like a lot of people out there who think transcription is a dying industry, think again.

Here at TA, we've been profiling TONS of business owners who hire transcriptionists on a regular basis to help grow their businesses -- some of whom we know will surprise you!

The general transcription market has exploded over recent years. This comes as a shock to so many people who are used to hearing all about work-at-home transcription scams or who have been duped into believing medical transcription is still alive and viable. (Hint: It's not!)

The truth is, there is SO much work out there for trained general transcriptionists that some literally have to turn work away -- and the work is everywhere. Unlike medical transcription, general transcription covers literally an unending array of niches across the board. Sky's the limit!

Want proof?

Check out these 10 business owners who have hired real, live transcriptionists to learn exactly how they use a transcriptionist's unique skill set to grow their business and widen their reach.

We think you'll agree: Transcription work is EVERYWHERE.

Emily Richett: YouTube Marketer, Publicity Coach, and Entrepreneur Mentor

Ever hear of a publicity coach? How about a entrepreneur mentor? Today I'd like to introduce you to Emily Richett. Emily is a successful publicity coach, entrepreneur mentor, and blogger over at EmilyRichett.com. She's also got a great YouTube presence.

And guess what? Transcriptionists are a MAJOR part of her day-to-day business operations!

I decided to ask Emily a little bit about how she uses transcriptionists to boost her business. Read all about it here!

Brian Gatti: Marketing Consultant

Brian Gatti is a partner and marketing consultant at Inspire Business Concepts in Scottsdale, Arizona. IBC is a marketing company that provides marking strategy and planning, email marketing, online advertising, and web development services -- and they use transcriptionists to help make it happen!

We interviewed Brian to find out more about how he uses transcriptionist for his business. Check it out here!

Michael J. McDermott, President of MJM Editorial services.

Mike specializes in freelance writing and editing for magazine and corporate clients, including articles, white papers, annual reports, POVs, ghostwriting and marketing communication projects.

Some of the major publications he writes for include Ambassador, ANA Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Inc., among many others. He currently edits The Franchise Handbook, a quarterly published by Enterprise Magazines. He's also ghostwritten many articles for professional clients, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Google, IBM, and Key Bank.

Learn exactly how Mike uses transcriptionists to help him in his writing process here!

Brett Bastello: SEO Expert

Brett Bastello is an SEO Manager with Inseev Interactive, a full-service digital marketing company located in sunny San Diego, California. His role as an SEO Manager places a heavy emphasis on white-hat link building with proficiencies in on-page SEO optimization and content marketing. What that means is good old fashioned keywords. The short version? TEXT!

Specifically, Brett uses transcriptionists to convert podcasts and webinars into text for his clients' blog posts. Come check out our exclusive interview with Brett here for more info on how he includes transcriptionists in his everyday business.

David Waterman: SEO Expert

David Waterman works in digital marketing for The Search Agency, and he specializes in search engine optimization -- aka SEO. That means he assists brands in improving their organic and brand visibility online. In our interview with David, he explains the value of using transcriptionists to create transcripts of his clients videos. Find out why he does this here!

Sarah Pike: Content Strategist

Sarah Pike is a content strategist and writer for CableTV.com. Sarah uses transcriptionists to turn video interviews with actors into written transcripts that can be repurposed as content for CableTV.com. Yes, this is a real thing! Check out Sarah's take on why transcription is so important to her industry here

Mark Aselstine: Owner of Uncorked Ventures

Mark Aselstine sells my favorite beverage wine online through his online store, Uncorked Ventures. About his business, Mark says, "We're in a competitive industry, bootstrapped and exist only online."

("Bootstrapped" means Mark built Uncorked Ventures from scratch from the ground up primarily with his own sweat equity and very little financial resources!)

And yes, you guessed it: Mark uses transcriptionists to sell wine ... online! Find out how here.

Brad Hines: Online Toy Store Owner

Bradford (Brad) Hines is a digital marketing strategist, writer, and founder of HungryKids.org. He also runs an online toy store called Nerd Playthings! He, too, uses transcriptionists to boost his business!

"I am a content marketer both as a consultant to others and to myself for my e-commerce businesses," says Brad. I help people with content inception, SEO, social media marketing, writing, online ads, strategic planning, as well as digital PR."

I got on the phone with Brad for just 15 minutes in order to ask him more about how he uses transcriptionists to create blog content -- and guess what? I got our 15-minute chat transcribed to help me create a blog post interview for TA readers! Come see for yourselves how it turned out here!

Charlie Poznek: Podcaster

Charlie Poznek is a podcaster and consultant over at The Boomer Business Owner. "My market is baby boomer-ish aged people," says Charlie. "Even early 40’s and above, which is a little younger than a baby boomer -- people who are either looking to start an online business or maybe have dipped their toe in the water and haven’t really gotten very far with it."

Charlie's primary goal with his podcast is to expose his listeners to people they didn't know before listening to the podcast. "With my podcast, I seek to interview successful online entrepreneurs or successful entrepreneurs with a good, solid online presence so that the listener can gain, if nothing else, some good distinctions. They can learn a thing or two about starting a business in general and online business specifically," he says. Read his full interview here, including how he uses skilled transcriptionists to reach his target audience!

Bob McIntosh: Best-Selling Author

Bob McIntosh owns several successful businesses from Real Estate to coaching and speaking.  He has taught internet marketing and mindset to over 3,000 new entrepreneurs in the last three years, and he's a #1 best-selling author on Amazon for his book, Get Out Of Your Own Wayin which he discusses how to immediately start shifting your thought patterns to have more success in business.

(Side note: We actually recommend this book! Too many people are letting fear get in their way of even trying -- but they don't realize that if they don't even try, they've already failed!).

Come learn how Bob used transcriptionists to write his best-selling book!

How's that for proof?

If you've been on the fence about becoming a transcriptionist, worried if there is work available for you after you complete your training, let this be the big fat sign to you that says, "YES, there is!"

Business owners everywhere, in every industry, are looking for skilled transcriptionists to help them create better businesses, reach more people, and boost their revenue.

You can grab a piece of that pie! The only missing ingredient is you, taking action.

Your Turn!

Now that you've heard from 10 (TEN!) business owners from completely different industries tell you how valuable transcription is to their business, what's holding you back from diving in head first and getting your slice of the pie? Comment below and let us help you!

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