10 More Tools To Help Keep You Organized This Year

how-to and resources Feb 20, 2019

Are you struggling to stay on top of your transcription jobs? Having a hard time staying organized?  Like we mentioned before, having many transcription clients is a nice problem to have.  If you took our advice, you use tools like pen and paper, mobile apps, and Notepad or Word docs to help stay organized and beat overwhelm.  Keep reading to learn about 10 more tools to help you keep organized this year.

Project Management & Organization

Managing your multiple transcription clients can get overwhelming.  It’s easy for work to become stressful and chaotic without the right project management tools in use. These project management tools help to organize your projects in an integrative, seamless way.  Check them out.


Streamline your work and organize your business with Scoro. This project management tool is comprehensive, helping you set a structure in place for your business.

You can bring together teams, projects, sales, and reports all in one place.

These are some of the built-in features included:

  • Business management
  • Time management
  • Projects and tasks
  • Client management
  • Reporting
  • Customization
  • Integration
  • Mobile app

This is especially helpful if manage teams within your business.  You can automate tasks like invoicing, get visuals of tasks to analyze workload, send personalized quotes and more. Learn more about Scoro here.


If you need help tracking upcoming work and tasks, check out Zoho.  This project management tool helps you manage your many projects and they offer awesome training tools to show you every aspect of the software.  You’ll love how easily they integrate with existing tools you’re already using like Spotfone, Google Sheets, Adobe Sign and more.


Wunderlist is a to-do app that helped millions of people manage their lives for almost a decade. Unfortunately, it has now been discontinued.

Check out this article for the best Wunderlist alternatives

Time Keeping

Having a hard time tracking your hours? Do you feel disorganized and unsure of how much time you’re devoting to each activity in your business? Check out this time tracker to help you with time keeping.


This super simple time tracking tool will help you keep track of your time.

  • Track your time effortlessly
  • Get things done
  • Use Toggl on all your devices and be location independent

Become more productive, track your work, bill your hourly time accurately, and more benefits, with the help of Toggl.


Communication is so important. Today, in the digital world, you may never meet your client in a face-to-face setting. It’s crucial to keep lines of communication open and strong. You can accomplish that and more with this line up of communication tools.


Clean up your email inbox so important emails don’t get lost, using Mailstrom.  In a few clicks, you can clean up your email by showing you things like which emails you ignore the most and helping you unsubscribe from newsletters you don’t want.

Other cool features:

  • Identifying bundles of related emails, making it easy for you to make a group decision about the collection
  • Unsubscribe faster and easier
  • Easy email organization in a few clicks

One user said:

“One evening, I gleefully eliminated around 500 e-mails from Yelp, Twitter, Instagram and Kickstarter in a series of satisfying clicks.”

If you want to sort through all your emails in a few clicks, check out Mailstrom.


EchoSign helps you sign documents digitally.  Whether it be contracts, service agreements, or reports, you’ll no longer have to worry about the hassle of downloading, printing, signing and using a courier to deliver documents. Get your digital signature in no time with EchoSign from Adobe.


This free tool is like a whiteboard with sticky notes that you can drag and drop to organize all your projects.  You organize your entire business using boards, lists, and cards.  It’s easy to collaborate with others and assign team members to cards, outsourcing activities with ease. Learn more about Trello here.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Small business accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll doesn’t have to feel daunting, especially if you have the right tools.  These tools help you get paid efficiently and streamline all your accounting needs.

Wave Accounting

This cloud-based small business accounting solution is perfect for companies with 9 employees or less.  So, whether you are working alone or outsourcing some tasks to freelancers in your transcription business, Wave has you covered.

  • Free software
  • Free invoicing
  • Connect your banks
  • Sync your expenses
  • Balance your books
  • Be ready for tax time

If you’re looking for a powerful, free platform to help you with your small business accounting needs, you’ll love Wave.

Prism Money

Prism Money is a total time-saver, helping you organize your personal finances.  It lets you have control over your bills.  Never worry about missing a bill, track your bills with reminders and due dates, get the full picture seeing your income, account balances, monthly expenses and more, all in one place.

Take back your time and breathe easy with Prism Money. Learn more about this fast, simple, free personal finance tool here.

Our Take

Managing your transcription business doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or stressful.  You’d be surprised how much better you will feel by getting organized.  Using some of the tools above can help you manage your workload and keep a well-managed business.

Your Turn

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of tools to keep you organized this year.  Do you have a favorite tool you use in your transcription business that didn’t make the list?  We’d love to hear about it. Share down below in comments!

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