3 Marketers Who Use General Transcriptionists for their Blog Posts

people who use transcriptionists Feb 24, 2023

Everyone in the internet marketing world -- no matter the industry -- has need and use for general transcriptionists.

It doesn't matter which country you're in or where you clients are -- you can transcribe anywhere for any industry, and we're about to prove it to you in this FAQ post.

We talked to Jane Tabachnick, a public relations guru and authority marketing strategists.

"My companies use transcription for all our content generation -- we call it voice-activated marketing.

We use an interview process to 'extract the genius, as well as the expertise of our clients, in their own words,' then our editing and production team turns it into various forms of content. We use this for authority marketing, as well as to help our experts become published, bestselling authors.

Once our interviews are recorded, we upload the recording to a service or freelancer for transcription. This transcription is what provides the majority or base content that we work with. We then repurpose it into articles, video [sometimes we capture the content as a Google hangout/video], book, [or] social media posts."

Why do you need transcription, Jane?

It is important to have our audio and video transcribed into text, as the written content it is the hub of all our work, even the content that ends up in another format for consumption.

What makes a good general transcriptionist in your opinion?

A good general transcriptionist is one who listens carefully, is accurate, and who puts an accurate timestamp where any inaudible or indistinguishable words are in the text.

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Companies in Canada use general transcriptionists, too!

We talked to Pavel Sotnikov, an internet marketer from Toronto, Canada.

He currently works for a digital marketing agency called 9thCO.

"I have used a transcription service when I was working for a plastic surgery clinic called SpaMedica last year," says Pavel.

Pavel's duties include search engine optimization (both on page and off page link building), content creation, blogging, social media marketing and email marketing.

How Pavel Used General Transcriptionists

When I was working for SpaMedica, I used a transcriptionist to transcribe over 50 YouTube videos. I was working for well-known plastic surgeon who made a lot of media appearances and often spoke at conferences, all of which were recorded on video.

What kind of content did you create from the transcripts, Pavel?

I used the video transcripts to create interview-format blog posts with the plastic surgeon I was working for. I shared these blog posts across social media and received a fair amount of likes and shares.

Why do you feel transcription is important in your marketing?

I think it's important to use all media formats, and even though the video format has exploded in popularity the past few years, I've found that many people still prefer to read an article rather than watch a video, and I believe it's important to give people the option to do so.

How a San Francisco Tech Company Relies on Transcription for their Blog

Now based in Germany, Marian Schembari was the Marketing Manager at major SF tech company for two years. "I had an amazing transcriptionist," she says.

"I ran our blog, which often featured customer stories," says Marian. "It was my job to find these customers. I'd speak to them on the phone for an hour and just hear their story. I recorded the call via TapeACallPro (an iPhone app) and sent it over to a transcriptionist."

We asked: Why did you record the calls?

"Not having to take notes meant it was much easier for me to have a fun, authentic conversation with our customers," says Marian. "Having their words and stories transcribed word-for-word helped me capture their voice when it came time to writing the actual blog post."

Marian had a second, unique use for the audio she recorded from her customer calls: "We stored all the transcriptions for other employees to read because it helped them really "hear" how our customers talked -- without having to spend an hour listening to the audio."

>See? That's just one way transcription can be used not just for marketing, but for employee training purposes! How cool is that?!

What makes a good transcriptionist?

Marian says, "Good general transcriptionists understand the project. The woman I worked with knew that my conversations were pretty similar so she automatically knew to cut out my repetitive explanations of the project because that's not what the interviews were about."

Our Take

Excellent transcription is in high demand in countless industries worldwide -- and it's about so much more than just typing.

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