3 Reasons YouTube Marketers Hire Transcriptionists

people who use transcriptionists Sep 26, 2016

Ever hear of a publicity coach? How about a entrepreneur mentor? Today I'd like to introduce you to Emily Richett. Emily is a successful publicity coach, entrepreneur mentor, and blogger over at EmilyRichett.com. She's also got a great YouTube presence.

And guess what? Transcriptionists are a MAJOR part of her day-to-day business operations!

I decided to ask Emily a little bit about how she uses transcriptionists to boost her business. Let's dive in!

Emily, how do you use transcriptionists in your business... and why?

"I use transcription for my YouTube videos and my podcast interviews. The benefits are massive! First, my business as a publicity coach and entrepreneur mentor demands that I share valuable content," says Emily.

"Many people cannot watch YouTube videos or listen to podcasts while at work -- or it's just not convenient. If you offer a transcript, they will still be able to read your content -- very important!" says Emily.

Also, the benefits for SEO (search engine optimization) are undeniable. YouTube will rank your videos higher if you transcribe them, and if people search for any terms that are found in your content, search engines will be able to detect them and rank your content higher.

For an example of Emily's use of transcription -- check out this blog post where she embeds the video interview and offers the transcript alternative.

After chatting with Emily, I became super intrigued with how YouTube marketers are utilizing the skill set of qualified transcriptionists. (So cool, right?!) After doing my research, here are the top 3 reasons I've found that YouTube marketers like Emily hire transcriptionists:

3 Reasons YouTube Marketers Hire Transcriptionists

Reason #1: To help YouTube and Google index their content

What this basically means is that Google and YouTube doesn't rank video content very highly in searches simply because there is no written text for them to index (as Emily described earlier!).

The perk for marketing professionals when having a transcriptionist transcribe their video content is that it puts all the audio into written text that these search engines can recognize. So marketing professionals like Emily send off their videos to their transcriptionists and BOOM! Their video is turned into written text that Google and YouTube can now index. This dramatically extends their reach, increases engagement, and creates opportunity for them to grow their business.

Reason #2: To increase engagement

It's not enough to have their viewers watch their videos. YouTube marketers want their audience to engage with their content. Having a transcript available for their audience increases engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc.) by ensuring that their content is easily accessible and understood by everyone.

Reason #3: To increase accessibility

In today's world, digital marketers (especially when it comes to video/audio) need to keep in mind the varying needs of their audience. To accommodate their viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing, those who need to mute audio because of their environment (think libraries or moms with napping kiddos), and those who speak a different language, more and more marketing pros are turning to transcription. Having a transcript available enables them to reach audiences they couldn't otherwise reach.

And these aren't the only benefits to these business owners! The value of the transcriptionist is increasingly growing, and the digital marketing world is catching on quick.

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