8 More Ways to Be An Incredible Transcriptionist

Jun 18, 2019

If you’ve followed along in this article, we shared five ways to set yourself apart as a great transcriptionist. This post will follow up on that, sharing eight more ways to be an incredible transcriptionist!

There are some key things to consider to make you stand apart in the sea of transcriptionists.  Below you’ll find a list of eight winning ways to achieve just that, to help keep your existing clients and increase your work so it can keep coming in!

1. Be A Great Listener

As a transcriptionist, you will, of course, transcribe audio and video files. You’ll have to listen, but you should be present and give the work your full attention. Try to take a sincere interest in the conversations you’re listening to, even if you have little interest in the subject. Imagine the speaker is sitting in a room with you and listen thoughtfully. This goes a long way in being a great transcriptionist.

2. Stay on Style

Don’t hesitate to pull out your style guide every so often to stay current. Many transcriptionists keep their style guide open at all times, in a separate window on the computer. This way it will be easy to reference.

Imagine working with many clients and following different style guides. It can be hard to keep track of it all and remember which guide goes with which client. So don’t be afraid to check in on your style guide as often as you need to so you’re doing your best work.

3. Get the Right Equipment

A good quality set of headphones or earphones help you hear your audio clearly. Other tools and equipment will help you do your work well, too. Get the right equipment and, if it starts to fail, replace it fast! The right equipment could be standing in between you and your work.

4. Keep an Open Door Policy

This means being open and available to communicate with your clients and prospective clients.  Good communication is a great life skill to have in general. With transcription work, it’s important that lines of communication are open between you and your client.

Likewise, if you have questions, approach your client. Clarify anything you’re unsure of, ask questions, and be clear on your scope of work.

5. Move on, When You Need To

This is something you have to do sometimes. When you get stuck, whether it be a word you hear not registering with you, or anything else, take a break, move on, and come back to it later.  You’ll be refreshed and ready to take on the project with a clear head.

6. Work in a Comfortable Setting

Find a comfortable work space that will allow you to work in peace, uninterrupted for long periods of time. This might require investing in work equipment like an ergonomic office chair or foot stool, for example.

7. Work on Your Typing Speed

You can always be better at your typing speed, so why not practice to become a faster typist?  Consider taking a typing test or course to improve your speed.

8. Be Adaptive and a Fast Learner

Change is a constant. As a transcriptionist, you may be required to listen to all kinds of topics and transcribe audio that is unfamiliar to you. Adapt to change and practice being a quick learner.

Our Take

Continue to wow your clients and watch your business grow by practicing these skills and taking these tips into consideration.

Your Turn

What are some tips that will help you become an incredible transcriptionist?

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