How this Content Strategist Uses Transcriptionists for TV Actor Interviews

people who use transcriptionists Feb 04, 2023

Excited to bring you another profile in our ground-breaking People Who Use Transcriptionists blog series!

The list of people/businesses that have a need for transcriptionists is truly endless. Know what that means? The demand for quality transcription services is endless!

Meet Sarah Pike of

Sarah Pike is a content strategist and writer for

"I help with content strategy and occasionally write for's blog," says Sarah.

"Our blog focuses on providing both entertainment and resource content," she continues. "We've used transcription services quite a bit this past year, as we've interviewed a number of actors for our blog."

Yes, this is real! Check out some examples of actor interviews on

How does Sarah use transcriptionists for TV actor interviews?

"We record our interviews and then send files to different transcriptionists," says Sarah. "We use the transcriptions on our blog along with our original audio or video files from the interviews."

Why is it important to have audio and video transcribed into text?

I think Sarah's answer to this question will sound quite familiar!

"We don't like to just include a few quotes from an interview in an article; we like to offer fans of the shows and actors we feature access to the full interviews," she says. "Having accurate transcripts is key for us to able to both have the full conversations on our blog as well as being able to offer closed captioning for the interview videos we add to our YouTube channel."

"Offering a video or audio file alone on our blog doesn't help people who don't have time to watch or listen. Some people would rather skim an interview, so we try and offer as many options as we can," Sarah says.

What makes a transcriptionist a GOOD transcriptionist?

"We think a good transcriptionist is someone who takes the time to search for how to spell something correctly. For example, if an actor mentions a few upcoming shows he's on or directors he wishes to work with, we hope the transcriptionist would take the time to search the actor plus the mentioned show in order to confirm proper spelling. It helps save us so much time," says Sarah.

"Further, if a transcriptionist can't quite hear something in the file, we appreciate when they indicate that rather than guessing. It's a clear marker for us to correct or update information and saves us quite a bit of time," she added.

Our Take

Sarah and the team at CableTV are SMART for publishing their interviews in text format as well as audio.

You can reach so many more people online that way. The truth is: not everyone wants to watch video or listen to an audio, for one, but even if they did, Google still cannot index video as well as it indexes text. Text is king online, and Sarah and her team get that. Bravo!

We love getting more and more confirmation that transcription services are in high demand among all types of industries and people who do business online! It's reassuring to know excellent transcriptionists will always have work.

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