How Transcriptionists Drive Website Traffic -- and Get Paid For It!

Apr 23, 2018 by Janet Shaughnessy

We've shared so many stories of businesses using general transcription, from wine sellers to toy store owners! But not just any transcription will do. Quality transcription can add untold benefit to businesses. Poor transcription just adds frustration and extra work, but well-trained transcriptionists will always be valued.

And that's exactly why we feature a variety of professionals here on the blog. They know firsthand how a fantastic transcriptionist can help their businesses succeed. It's proof positive that GREAT transcriptionists are always in demand.

Today we're chatting with Chris Barr, the director of marketing at Taradel, a leading national marketing firm. He’s responsible for the development, management, and execution of their marketing strategy. He's been kind enough to share with us how transcriptionists drive website traffic for his business.

TA: Thanks for joining us, Chris! How do you personally use the services of general transcriptionists in your business?

Chris: Transcription is an important part of our content and inbound marketing strategy. I use transcription services to expand the reach and value of our videos and podcasts. For example, transcription enables our best videos to also be presented in text format on our blog.

TA: And why is it important to have your audio and video transcribed into text?

Chris: By transcribing your audio and video content, you gain additional reach and exposure to a broader audience. It also helps your supporters tweet, re-post, and share your content with others. Additionally, text versions of audio and video content can contribute to more successful SEO.


TA: We know good SEO is critical to bringing the right people to your business! In your opinion, what makes a transcriptionist a good transcriptionist?

Chris: With transcription, quality is absolutely critical. Whether transcribing for a courtroom or for marketing purposes, it is imperative that the transcriber is able to quickly and accurately capture the message. Further, the elimination of quirks in human communication, such as "ya knows," "umms," and "likes" can be very important to the quality of the finished product.

TA: We completely agree! Do you have any less-than-great transcriptionist stories to share?

Chris: With transcription services, you get what you pay for.  Non-native language speakers or folks who are not trained in transcription will likely produce an end result that is typically a poor reflection of the original content. It pays to use a professional transcription service.

Our Take

There is a huge need for quality transcriptionists to take video and podcast content and turn it into text. That way, businesses featuring that text on their websites and blogs can optimize it and get it ranking higher up in search engines. Better rankings = more exposure, and more exposure can lead to more clients... and money. What business isn't looking to make more money?! And YOU can snag a piece of that money pie for yourself by providing stellar transcription services. It's a win-win ;-)

Your Turn

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