How Transcriptionists Make Money Improving Google Rankings

people who use transcriptionists Dec 19, 2016

Did you know transcriptionists make money by improving Google rankings for marketers?

It's true.

When you type a search question in Google, how often do you choose one of the first three or four websites Google offers you? Most people don't want to waste their time going to the second page of Google search options, let alone going through thirty other pages!

Good SEO (search engine optimization) content is what makes a relevant website show up on the first page of Google.

What makes good SEO content?

SEO content includes keywords written into the website. The better the keywords and the content are written, the higher up the website will appear on Google. Of course, businesses build websites because they want potential customers to come look at it -- that's why search-engine optimized content is so important. If their customers can't find them, they can't buy what they're offering.

It's estimated that more than 570 websites are created each minute, so there is no shortage of content in need of optimization. Transcriptionists can help businesses and entrepreneurs convert their videos, interviews, webinars, and more into SEO-friendly text, making it easier for people to find them online. Businesses get higher rankings on Google, and transcriptionists make money. It's a win-win!

SEO with Google is such a powerful part of internet businesses that we can't stop talking about the transcriptionists who work in this field!

Today we are back to interview SEO expert Kenny Madison. Kenny works with Geek Powered Studios in Austin, Texas, where he is an inbound marketer.

How Kenny Uses Transcriptionists

As part of his job, Kenny says, "I regularly shoot videos for clients and get transcriptions for a specific portion of the videos we shoot."

(This is where the transcriptionist comes in!)

"Transcriptions of those videos, then building out pages with those transcriptions, help increase the likelihood of rankings increasing for clients. Search engine robots can crawl the transcript, identify semantic keywords, and boost rankings where applicable," explains Kenny.

What does an SEO business look for in a GOOD transcriptionist?

He also mentions, "A great transcriptionist will identify the hiccups and provide the intent behind the sentiment. This is more critical than providing the verbatim wording and will help the reader (and the search engines)."

Our Take

We loved hearing from Kenny about how vital transcriptionists are to his work! The importance of SEO content cannot be mentioned enough, and a transcriptionist is one of the key parts in making his business so successful!

Working with SEO businesses is just one of many ways transcriptionists make money. A huge benefit of being a transcriptionist is that there is a wide variety of content needing to be transcribed -- more so than ever before. Most people have heard of medical transcription, but what about transcribing for YouTube marketers, podcasters, or even wine sellers? There is truly something for everyone out there!

Your Turn!

Are you surprised at how many people actually hire transcriptionists? Crazy, right? There is so much interesting work out there, and you can be a part of it! Got any questions for me on how transcriptionists make money? Comment below!

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