How YouTube Transcription Helps Influencers

how-to and resources Oct 18, 2022

Why YouTube Influencers Need Transcriptionists

Are you looking for transcription clients? You have thoroughly prepared for transcription through training and practice and you’re ready for clients.  Did you know that there is a big market for transcriptionists among YouTubers? YouTube influencers are people that operate YouTube channels, creating content for their audience on an array of topics.

Videos are recorded in a number of formats including screenshare, vlogging, point and shoot, and more.  Getting transcripts of video content is very beneficial to YouTubers. It can help the content get found in Google easier, rank in search engines faster and increase the popularity overall.  Keep reading to learn about how to break into this lucrative field and pitch YouTube influencers for transcription work.

YouTube and Transcriptionists

Meet Emily. In this article, she talks about how transcriptionists are a huge part of her day-to-day operations.

She says, “I use transcription for my YouTube videos and my podcast interviews. The benefits are massive! First, my business as a publicity coach and entrepreneur mentor demands that I share valuable content.”

“Many people cannot watch YouTube videos or listen to podcasts while at work — or it’s just not convenient. If you offer a transcript, they will still be able to read your content — very important!”

The truth is, transcription has so many hidden benefits that YouTube influencers may or may not be aware of.

Mainly, SEO, among other benefits. SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is a formula for getting content ranked in the search engines.  Companies pay experts, use tools and software, investing a lot of money, to help them get ranked in search engines like Google.


Because ranking in Google helps companies increase their exposure.

If a visitor searches for “how to bake a chocolate cake,” there will be a million (actually 151 million) results that appear. SEO helps companies make it to the top of that list, landing on the first page of Google, improving their visibility and getting traffic to their company!

It works the same way with YouTube.

Visitors search for something on YouTube and the videos that land on the first page have improved visibility. This means…

  • More views
  • More followers
  • More opportunity to connect with consumers and turn them into customers

Transcription helps with SEO and YouTube will rank your videos higher if they are transcribed. This is just one reason why YouTube influencers need transcriptionists.

Here are more reasons why transcription is helpful to YouTubers:

  1. Connecting with viewers that are hearing impaired
  2. Delivering content in a clearer way
  3. Reaching a larger audience

Connecting with Hearing Impaired Viewers

Transcripts of YouTube content make it easy for hearing impaired viewers to consume the content.

This enables the closed captioning option on YouTube videos and the audience size and reach is instantly increased.

Delivering Content More Clearly

Transcripts are helpful in general to help deliver the message when audio becomes hard to understand or the influencer has an accent, speech impediment or just difficult to understand.

Reaching a Larger Audience

The points above including SEO benefits are all reasons why a larger audience will be reached with the help of transcription.

Other Uses

Many YouTube influencers will use their transcripts for other purposes, such as blog posts, books, and other marketing material.

Your Turn

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