How to Quit Your 9 to 5 to Start Your Own Fulfilling Freelance Career

Uncategorized Aug 07, 2019

How would it feel to be able to quit your 9-to-5 job to start your own freelance career? If you’ve ever dreamed about working for yourself in a freelance capacity online but feel trapped by the shackles of the 9-to-5 life, keep reading!

How to Get Started

It all begins with the mindset.

You’re ready to finally do it, set out and start your own freelance career, leaving your 9-to-5 job behind.

What’s wrong with your job?

Whether it feels like a good job for you or not, you have always wanted more. Your toxic job makes you feel trapped, limited, and unable to pursue your dreams.

You want a job that is flexible and freeing, where you can work independently, enjoy unlimited income potential, and work from home.

Those are things that a 9-to-5 job is probably not going to deliver.

Once you’re ready to set out and start this adventure, here are some things to keep in mind:

● Evaluate your skills
● Pick your business
● Make a plan
● Measure your results
● Be patient
● Stay focused

Evaluate your Skills

Evaluate your skills to uncover your strengths and determine what direction you can take those skills to turn it into a thriving freelance career.

Next, it’s time to pick your business.

Decide on your Business

This is where it gets exciting!

Decide on how you’ll be running your business and ask yourself these questions:

● Do you want to freelance part-time or full-time?
● What business form will you take (sole proprietor, LLC, etc.)?
● How will you be managing your clients?
● Will you work alone or with staff (like a virtual assistant)?

From here, it’s time for goal-setting and putting your ideas on paper with planning.

Making a Plan

Create a plan for yourself and put it on paper. Make actionable goals and hold yourself

Some examples:

● Reaching steps in your freelance business, like filing your LLC paperwork
● Meeting income goals
● Meeting client goals

Measuring your Results

The second part of planning is measuring the results.
Check back and make sure you are hitting your goals. When you are reaching them, keep pushing yourself further and raise the bar.

Being Patient

Leaving your 9 to 5 for an online freelance career is a lofty goal. It is achievable but not
everyone can do it. This is where patience comes into play.

Be patient and remember why you started this journey.

Staying Focused

Keep your eye on the prize and keep pushing forward. Every day that passes is one day closer to you reaching your goal of leaving your 9-to-5 job for your freelance business.

Our Take

The biggest obstacle to pursuing your dream of becoming a freelancer is yourself. Our best advice for quitting your 9 to 5 for your own freelance career is to get started!

Many times we can get stuck in the research phase or lack the confidence to take action. If you’re serious about pursuing your dream, do not delay and start the process now.

Your Turn

What do you think? Do you feel inspired?

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