From Library Director to Full-Time Transcriptionist...

Oct 02, 2022 by Janet Shaughnessy

Today, we're highlighting Rhonda, Transcribe Anywhere graduate who's gone on to form her own transcription company, Listen2That Precision Transcription. 


I wanted to share my experience in hopes that it might encourage someone else on their journey.
I earned both my general and legal transcription certification this year and have been anxious to make it my full-time job, so I left my job as a public library director in mid-August this year. I have been in the library field for 22 years. I have not been happy in that field since 2020 and have felt a longing to just be home. 
I have three main clients for whom I transcribe and two others that are on an as-needed basis. I was surprised this weekend to go over my income and find that I only earned $27 less than my gross pay from the library in the last two weeks. I did not expect that at all. That was very encouraging to me. I thought it would take me a year or more to even come close to replacing my paycheck. 
Have I worked longer hours than I would have at the library? Yes, but I have enjoyed every one of them. I love the variety of files that I have been working on, everything from a criminal trial to medical interviews. I love that I can take my dog out for a walk whenever we feel like it. I love that I can run out to my garden and pick cherry tomatoes if I want a snack while I work. Most of all, I love working for myself and not a library board! :-)

It is worth all the challenging work and many hours I put into getting the certification!  








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