Two SEO Experts Who Use Transcriptionists to Create Website Content

people who use transcriptionists Jan 30, 2023

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the cornerstone of online content marketing strategies.

What does that have to do with transcription, you ask?


The two search engine optimization experts we're profiling today for our ground-breaking People Who Use Transcriptionists blog series have firsthand experience with transcriptionists and the support they offer to a solid content marketing strategy.

If the text these experts come up with doesn't deliver, it can endanger their valuable client relationships! Using transcriptionists to convert client video content to text is a safe and incredibly effective way to ensure their clients' website content is relevant -- and relevant text is the #1 key to being found online. 

Let's meet our experts to learn more!

SEO Expert #1: Brett Bastello

Brett Bastello is an SEO Manager with Inseev Interactive, a full-service digital marketing company located in sunny San Diego, California.

His role as an SEO Manager places a heavy emphasis on white-hat link building with proficiencies in on-page SEO optimization and content marketing. What that means is good old fashioned keywords. The short version? TEXT!

Specifically, Brett uses transcriptionists to convert podcasts and webinars into text for his clients' blog posts.

Why? "It is important to have your audio and video transcribed into text," Brett says. "Google and the other search engine crawlers are unable to digest media in audio or video forms. By transcribing your audio and video, you provide strong signals to the search engines about what your webpage is about,"

Brett feels very strongly about this, and he even sent us a recent case study to prove his point that text is king in the SEO world. The case study shows that the average top 5 ranking webpages for any given search engine results page contain over 1900 words of on-page text!

What makes a good transcriptionist? Brett says, "A good transcriptionist is someone that can meet their deadlines at a fair price."

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SEO Expert #2: David Waterman

David Waterman works in digital marketing for The Search Agency, and he specializes in search engine optimization -- aka SEO. That means he assists brands in improving their organic and brand visibility online.

How David Uses Transcriptionists

"I’ve leveraged transcriptionists and transcription services to create written transcripts and general summaries of client videos to be used on their website and YouTube channels," says David.

Summaries of videos are excellent for blog post material -- a two-hour video transcript can easily be summed up into a 800-1,000 word blog post. The entire transcript can also be used as a value-add for people who want to get the full content but don't have time to listen or watch.

Why is it important to you to have your audio and video transcribed into text?

"Transcriptions are vital for audio and video content primarily because Google and other search engines can’t analyze the specific language and details being discussed in video and audio files," says David.

Bingo!! It's no secret: Google doesn't index voices; Google indexes text.

"Transcriptions make it easier for search engines to figure out what the video is about and present it for relevant search queries,"

Presenting information for relevant search queries is exactly why it's important to have text on your website. You can use that text to help Google do its job. Make your text relevant, abundant, and clear on your site and Google will make it that much easier to find you.

What makes a transcriptionist a great transcriptionist?

"A great transcriptionist can not only transcribe a video but can also create a concise summary that clearly explains the purpose of the video in just a few words," says David. In other words, you need to be an excellent listener with a quick mind -- not just a typist!

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Our Take

If you want to know the importance of text online, look no further than search engine optimization (SEO) experts! Brett and David's work is centered on using text to help their paying clients rank higher in search results.

But instead of paying to create new written content on their clients' blogs, they hire transcriptionists to take already-existing content, such as videos, and transform it into text. It's not only a lower-cost solution for their client than paying a writer to write new content, it's also a great source of work for us as transcriptionists! We'll take it!

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