Why Business Analysts Hire Transcriptionists

people who use transcriptionists Jan 02, 2017

Did you know there is a rapidly growing increase in the number of businesses that hire transcriptionists?

And the businesses that hire transcriptionists aren't just normal places you think of, like hospitals and courtrooms. They've expanded out to entrepreneurs such as YouTube marketers, wine sellersSEO experts, and more.

Today we're adding business analysts to the growing list of businesses that hire transcriptionists. We recently spoke with Paco Darcey, a business analyst from Clutch, on why he regularly works with transcriptionists.

TA: We are happy to have you with us today, Paco! Tell us a little bit about what you do at Clutch.

Paco: I'm a business analyst at Clutch, which is a business-to-business research and reviews website for all things IT. We cover various categories including mobile & web designers, digital marketers, IT consultants, and Cloud software.

TA: So tell us, how does a business-to-business research and reviews company use transcriptionists?

Paco: The reason we use transcriptionists is because we conduct most of our reviews over the phone. We prefer doing phone interviews because of the natural and informal style, and because it allows us to ask really specific follow-up questions.

Of course, it is extremely important to us to get these recordings transcribed into text. Then we can showcase the reviews as case studies on our website. We like to give our audience the option to read as much or as little of the review as they need. Then they can make an informed decision when selecting their IT services or solution company.

TA: We totally agree on giving our audiences options! What do you look for in a good transcriptionist to make sure you get the reviews transcribed properly?

Paco: We've worked with a number of transcriptionists, and the qualities we look for are accuracy, speed, and flexibility. If someone can get a review done accurately, within a day or two, that is a good transcriptionist. If someone can do that, and also adjust their work based on our feedback, then we have found an amazing transcriptionist.

TA: In reverse, what is the worst situation you could experience from using a transcriptionist?

Paco: The worst-case scenario is when a transcriptionist is not accurate. We used to work with a transcriptionist who made spelling errors often. They regularly dropped large portions of the interview, claiming those sections were inaudible. When we tested it by giving the recordings to another transcriptionist, they came back with much more detail. We stopped working with the first transcriptionist.

Thank you, Paco!

Our Take

We love that Paco's interview is a perfect example of how important quality transcriptionists are to the success of not just one company, but to multiple businesses and people. If you master your craft and provide excellent work to your clients, the rewards are endless!

Your Turn!

Does this inspire you? Transcription is a career where you can help shape opinions and build businesses while making money and building your own business -- how cool is that? What motivates you to want to transcribe? Let me know in the comments!

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