Why Social Media Marketers Hire Transcriptionists

people who use transcriptionists Nov 10, 2022

We're back with another featured interview in our People Who Use Transcriptionists series!

We've spoken with tons of business powerhouses, from YouTube specialists to an online toy store owner and more. All these successful professionals have one thing in common: they all prove marketers hire transcriptionists. Every single one, no matter what the location! You really can transcribe anywhere when you work for people based all over the globe. Pretty fab, right?

We're going to continue our trend of speaking with top industry experts today by sharing an interview with Cruz Buchanan from Venta Marketing. Cruz is going to share with us why social media marketers hire transcriptionists.

TA: Thank you for joining us, Cruz! Can you start out by telling us what Venta Marketing is and what you do there?

Cruz: I am a Digital Marketing Strategist at Venta Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Columbia, Missouri, and Denver, Colorado. We do work with websites, search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click campaigns, graphic design, and email.

TA: Wow, sounds like you're a one-stop shop for content! And speaking of content: We've seen how incorporating video into blogs and websites is a great way to grab people's attention. How has that been successful for you?

Cruz: As a digital marketing agency in the 21st century, we have aimed to use video as a key component for a number of our campaigns. The success video has on websites, through platforms like YouTube and on social media, is significantly greater than standard text/imagery.

TA: So with that success, how are transcriptionists a vital part of Venta Marketing?

Cruz: We use transcriptionists to turn our videos into content pieces and scripts. For a number of our clients, we will take FAQ and service videos, have them transcribed, and then turn that into a page of content for the site. In most cases, these transcription + video pages are used for a resource center or in blog posts. When combined with SEO, they turn out to be very valuable traffic drivers.

The main reason that it's important to us to have the text with the audio/video is for search engines. While the video is labeled and tagged with the keywords it's based around, having text back up what the video is saying allows you to elaborate in certain areas.

TA: Totally makes sense! SEO work combined with social media is key to any business today. For your business, how would you describe a good transcriptionist to get these projects completed for you?

Cruz: A good transcriptionist is one who can both exactly take down word for word what the video is saying while at the same time having the skill to elaborate/make more sense of the quote in text form. A lot of times when a subject is talking on a video, they will use words that don't make sense to put into text. On the same note, some videos present opportunities to elaborate and add additional content. For SEO, this is very valuable.

Thank you, Cruz!

Our Take

We can definitely see why social media marketers hire transcriptionists, especially when it comes to creating optimized text for search engines. A successful business website must have strong SEO content to help bring customers to its page -- and with Venta Marketing, a transcriptionist is invaluable to making that content easily available to websites.

Your Turn

Do you see the benefit of using transcriptionists to convert videos into social media content and SEO? The internet is such a huge part of our everyday lives. YOU can help marketers optimize their content and be a vital part of their success. If you've been on the fence about building a transcription business, now is the perfect time to dive in! Try it out and sign up for our free 7-day mini-course today.

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