How Transcription Laid a Foundation for Next-Level Success: Katherine’s story

May 28, 2020

What do technical writing, massage therapy, proofreading, and transcribing all have in common? Today’s post comes from Katherine Ferranti. We previously heard from Katherine about 18 months ago, and we are so excited...


Avoid Becoming a Victim of Work-From-Home Scams

May 14, 2020

When it comes to online jobs, there are as many scams out there as there are legitimate opportunities (and there are MANY legitimate opportunities these days). But with a few checkpoints, you can avoid being taken for a...


How to Keep Your Sanity While Working from Home

Mar 31, 2020

Working from home is a real dream for many, but there can be drawbacks that a lot of people don’t talk about from distractions, to watching your kids (if they’re home too), trying to stay on track and meet...


How To Create A Workable Home Office On a Tight Budget

Mar 05, 2020

Looking for tips on creating a workable home office on a tight budget?

You’re not alone.

Putting together a home office can be pretty expensive. But you need the right equipment to get your business up and running....


10 Tips To Help You Fight Common Distractions While Working

Feb 14, 2020

Life can move loud and fast. There’s always something calling for your attention and trying to distract you from the present moment. This can prove to be challenging to any home business. 

The work must get done...


Fear of Running Out of Money in Retirement? Read About What Joanne Did

Jan 14, 2020

I’m super excited to share Joanne’s story today. She recently retired from her job of 35+ years and was ready for the next chapter in her life. She didn’t want to sit around the house in retirement and...


10 Tips You Can Use To Battle Loneliness When Working from Home

Nov 15, 2019

Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse, to be honest. The benefits of working from home include having personal freedom, flexibility, creating your own schedule many times, and other perks. The cons are lack...


7 Tips To Help You Deal With Lack of Respect When Working from Home

Oct 25, 2019

Are you having trouble dealing with lack of respect from those around you about working from home?

Some work from home people know what I’m talking about. It’s like the old Rodney Dangerfield comedy routine, "I...


Five Childcare Solutions That Are Recommended for Work-at-home Parents

Oct 09, 2019

Are you looking for a work-at-home childcare solution? Just because you don’t go into an office everyday doesn’t mean that your time isn’t valuable or that your life has automatically got a lot...


How to Supplement Your Retirement Income with Transcription Work

Sep 17, 2019

Are you approaching retirement or already retired, trying to figure out how to close the income gap? This article is going to show you how to supplement your retirement income with transcription work.

According to this...

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