Why this Consultant Hires Transcriptionists (And How They Optimize His Business!)

people who use transcriptionists Jun 29, 2023

Today, I'm excited to introduce you to yet another business professional that takes advantage of the skills of trained general transcriptionists to optimize his business!

It's my pleasure to introduce Brian Gatti, a partner and marketing consultant at Inspire Business Concepts in Scottsdale, Arizona. IBC is a marketing company that provides marking strategy and planning, email marketing, online advertising, and web development services -- and they use transcriptionists to help make it happen!

TA: Thanks for joining us today, Brian. For all of us who are unfamiliar with IBC, can you please briefly describe what you do?

Brian: We provide outsourced chief marketing officer (CMO) services which includes marketing strategy, planning, audits, operations, and execution. We also manage other providers like public relations, content creators, and graphic designers.

TA: How do you personally use the services of general transcriptionists in your business?

Brian: I use transcriptionists for two different things -- transcribing audio from client meetings and transcribing video from video blogs.

TA: Can you tell us why is it important to you to have your audio and video transcribed into text?

Brian: When it comes to client meetings, it's important because it's really painful to go back around and listen to a whole meeting (which can sometimes be two or more hours) just to find a single point we made. Often I'll remember a phrase that's tied to the point, and the only way to search for it is with a transcription.

When it comes to the video, we use the transcribed text to support search engine optimization. Google rewards multimedia (such as video) but cannot parse the content. Transcribing the video's content helps Google with understanding the content. Also, from a user experience standpoint, not everyone wants to watch a video and would rather skim the text. It's a win-win.

TA: We agree! So in your professional opinion, what makes a transcriptionist a GOOD transcriptionist?

Brian: Speed and accuracy are the two most important factors. We're willing to pay a premium (especially for content where we're not going to be able to edit it later) to ensure that the content is done right the first time. When it comes to transcription for internal use, the accuracy is a little less important because we can tolerate some errors because nothing there is being presented for client consumption.

Thanks, Brian! (Visit IBC on Twitter)

Our Take

I love what Brian said about including a transcript with a video being a win-win -- that's so true! There are a ton of ways transcriptionists can have a hand in helping business owners streamline, optimize, and grow their businesses! Brian Gatti has given us proof (yet again!) that there is a huge demand for qualified transcriptionists -- even in fields you wouldn't expect! 

Your Turn!

As a professional transcriptionist, have you ever reached out to marketing firms to offer your services? If you're still a TA student, how does Brian's interview make you feel about your prospects of finding work after graduating? 

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